UBI Spotlight

UBI Spotlight

The dynamic email newsletter is known as the startup game-changer

What is UBI Spotlight?

More than 300 corporate innovators, VCs, and CVCs eagerly await the arrival of UBI Spotlight to their inbox! This dynamic email newsletter is known as the startup game-changer.

Who can nominate startups for UBI Spotlight?

UBI Spotlight startup information comes from quarterly nominations by UBI Global Pro and Premium members. The nominations list is organized and segmented before being presented in UBI Spotlight. Each startup listing includes their logo, a two-line description, website, and contact information of the nominating business incubator or accelerator program.

Howdo I nominate startups for UBI Spotlight?

What happens next?

UBI Global will include verified startup information in the next edition of UBI Spotlight. Each edition has a theme, so your startups may appear in different editions. Should any of the corporate subscribers like to reach out, it is the member’s contact information that is available to them. UBI Global is always available as a bridge between corporation and startup if required – reach out to us if you need assistance with a corporation that has contacted your program through UBI Spotlight.

I have a corporate mentor seeking startups that we don’t have in our local ecosystem. How do they sign up for UBI Spotlight?

Please pass on the subscription link with our warm regards here.

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