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UBI Spotlight

– A Corporate Newsletter

UBI Spotlight is a bi-weekly newsletter sent out to more than 300 CVC’s, VC’s and Corporate Innovation teams.

Segmented to the preference of the UBI Global network of corporate and investment partners to highlight and promote world-class business incubatorsaccelerators, and startups.

It helps the corporate community to be kept informed about potential new partners and opportunity.

It promotes incubators, accelerators and their startups to corporate innovation teams.

The aim is to facilitate matchmaking opportunities between the demand (corporations) and the supply (startups).

Only for Pro & Premium Member

Who is this opportunity for?

For Business Incubators, Accelerators, and their Startups where the program is a Pro or Premium member of the UBI Global Community.

The idea is to promote a curated list of interesting startups picked by the incubator managers from the UBI Global community.

Allowed to nominate up to 5 startups per quarter

Allowed to nominate up to 20 startups per quarter

Who is the target group?

The bi-weekly newsletter reaches Corporate Innovation Teams (managers, executives, analysts)  that have subscribed to receive new opportunities for business and technology scouting within the global business incubation community.

The subscribers have notified the area of interest in terms of industry/sector the startups’ addresses and technologies that the startups might utilize in their business offering.

The subscribers will only receive the contact information from the incubator, accelerator that nominated the startups.

What is the process?

A pool of Startups is being nominated on a quarterly basis from UBI Global Pro and Premium members.

This pool is then segmented and promoted through a bi-weekly newsletter where more than 300 CV’s, VC’s and Corporate Innovation Teams have subscribed to.

In the newsletter, the promoted startup will be highlighted via a two (2) line description, logo, website, and contact information to the business incubator or accelerator program it belongs to.

UBI Global have encouraged all corporate subscribers to contact the program first before any engagement with the startups.

In most cases, the subscribers ask UBI Global for introductions. We will always introduce the subscribers to the program managers.

Finally, UBI Global can unfortunately not guarantee any project or investment outcome of this activity. But we have vetted our corporate network to ensure that they engage with our community in one form or another. If they only are passive participants for a longer period of time, we will revise their access to our community.

Any costs or fees?

business incubator or accelerator must be a UBI Global PRO or PREMIUM member. Read more about our membership levels here.

Any introductions and matchmaking activities derived from the newsletter will not be subject to any costs or fees.

For Corporations

No fees for any Corporate Innovation Team nor any commitments required.

Send-out Schedule

2020 – Q3
» July 15 – Fintech
» July 29 – Healthtech
» Aug 12 – Gaming & Sports
» Aug 26 – SaaS & Tools
» Sep 9 – Smart Cities
» Sep 23 – Green & Energy

2020 – Q4
» Oct 7 – Fintech
» Oct 21 – Healthtech
» Nov 4 – Disruptive Technologies
» Nov 18 – Green & Energy
» Dec 2 – Communications & Mobility
» Dec 16 – SaaS & Tools

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact: 

Angela Olson
Communications Manager
[email protected]