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UBI World Rankings 2017 – 2018: The Categories

On February 22, 2018, in Toronto, Canada at the World Incubation Summit, we at UBI Global will reveal the world rankings based on the world’s most comprehensive benchmark study of university-linked business incubators and accelerators. With 1370 programs assessed worldwide, 822 were qualified, following the application of 435, and finally, 259 university-linked incubation program benchmarked, the following recognition categories have been set:


UBI World Rankings of University-linked Business Incubators & Accelerators 17/18

A top-ranked university-linked incubation program is a Business Incubator or Business Accelerator that is directly managed by, formally affiliated with, or closely collaborating with one or multiple universities that efficiently and effectively generate exceptional value for its innovation ecosystem, its client startups, and for the incubation program itself.

Ranking Categories

  • World Top Business Incubator – Managed by University
  • World Top Business Incubator – Affiliated with University
  • World Top Business Incubator – Collaborating with University
  • World Top Business Accelerator – Linked to University

Other Recognition Categories 

Top Challenger 2017 – 2018
University-linked incubation programs that stand out from their peers with regard to a particular characteristic across all program types and university-relationship setups. 

Most Promising 2017 – 2018
University-linked business incubator or accelerator that stands out from its peers due to its impressive overall achievements relative to its young age or with regard to a particularly relevant socio-economic impact metric.

High Impact Champion 2017 – 2018
University-linked business incubator or accelerator that stands out from its peers due to its exceptional results with regards to a particularly relevant impact metric.

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                                 We look forward sharing the results on February 22, 2018,
                                                                                                              Stay tuned!

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